The First Centre of Kid's Financial Intelligence Research Institute in Iran and Middle East

Our Vision

The vision of Kid’s Financial Intelligence Research Institute is to be a world-leading center for making a better generation.

Our Mission

The mission of Kid’s Financial Intelligence Research is to improve children’s thinking outcomes and drive excellence in financial live
We do this by discovering new insights into childhood, and developing better diagnostic methods and improvement. Our researches and test results are important vehicles for identifying practice that are safe and effective, and a large part of our work. We collaborate at the local, national and international level to improve children’s Intelligence , locally and globally

Our task is to make the future better

KFIRI scientists ask the difficult questions in order to gain the important answers. This knowledge enables us to light the spark of discovery and to create a cleverer future for all kids
Please become a supporter of KFIRI today – so we can support every parent’s hope for a clever and Intelligence child – and help us create a future without serious childhood shortage


We are a research organization that is respected internationally for the significant brain advances we have made over the past 6 years – that have most likely helped someone you know. But we need your help to do so much more. There are far too many children with different problems that training research could solve
Our 85 research and support staff are committed to discovering new ways to improve the financial Intelligence aspects of children. Many of our researchers are also clinicians, ensuring our world-leading research is quickly translated into treatments for their young patients. Our work comprises two main areas: basic science in the kid’s Intelligence to understand specific processes in children; research to develop better diagnosis and improve methods; and population kid’s research to understand the impact of exercises in the broader community
We encourage collaboration with our key partners Tehran University, Beheshti University, Marketing Park of Iran, The University of Sydney and UNSW Sydney, as well as with many other prestigious institutions in Iran and overseas
As researchers, we do not accept that any shortage is too hard to understand, or that any problem is too difficult to overcome. What we recognize, though, is that it takes time and money. It is a journey with many steps, and we need your support to accelerate those steps
Marketing Park of Iran
KFIRI of Australia
Ministry of Education
International Association for Talented Kids
Trade Promotion Organization of Iran
Tehran University
Book Awards
Sydney Children's Hospital Network of Australia
University of NSW (Australia)
Digital talent institute of Singapore
Child Development Institute

Our services beyond researches

IQ test and intelligence test

We found a special method which is a mixed and advanced to identify kids talent's aspects

Our scientists manage a full IQ test which is a specious outcome of Raven, Human, wealthy, wechsler, Goodenough, and Stanford tests

Our main serives

Developing and improving kids' financial intelligence, between 3 and 13 years old
Our scientists have made an outbreak around kid's financial talent known as NIK model

By using the model, kids will get involved several matter which can effect on their financial intelligence; they are

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